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Elementary Years Programme

My child will step out of the home for the first time for long hours, how would you help him/her adjust in a new environment? (For Pre Nursery and Nursery)

It is perfectly fine to initially expect a child’s anxiety given that he/she is separated from his parents for the first time at school. We try to minimize the anxiety by keeping the initial school hours shorter for the child for first two days. Moreover, we encourage parents to talk to the children about the change in schedule well in advance and introduce the educator as someone who cares and with whom they can share their problems to settle well in the new environment. We also conduct an Orientation Program to make the transition smooth for the parents and the child.

What if the child refuses to settle down?

Over the years we have experienced such cases and we respect the individual differences of each child. Children who require more time to settle are kept engaged in play corners more by the co-educators and educators. The educators ensure to comfort the child by playing with him/her and by discussing the needs of the child on a regular basis.

How do you take care of students with a medical pre condition?

We take all the details through a medical form and request parents to share the reports and advise of doctors/experts dealing with the child. The school nurse along with the educators and coordinator understand the needs of the child well in advance. We also request parents to keep sharing the updates on regular basis.

We are concerned about the safety of our children in school and in the buses. What does Suncity do to address them?

We understand that you hand over the most precious part of your life to us. Hence, we take utmost care of the safety measures within the school premises and even in the school buses. Children are always accompanied by trained support staff, the buses have GPRS so that the parent and school authorities can always track the location of the buses. Children wear an evoxyz card along with the identity card so that parents can track the location of the movement of their child from one spot to another within the school building. Also, educators also accompany the children in the afternoon bus routes. Usually, they are there in the morning routes as well if it suits their location.

What are the qualifications of your faculty? How are they selected?

The first qualification required for our faculty is love and understanding the needs of children along with positive attitude for them. Our faculty is trained in Early childhood care and education and the school additionally provides ongoing ‘In Service’ training by best mentors in the industry.

The teachers go through rigorous rounds of screening, interaction and demo before they meet the selection committee.

What is the educational approach/pedagogy used in teaching?

We follow the ‘Multiple Intelligences’ approach. We believe that every child is intelligent and smart. Our approach is individualized and takes into account the active intelligences of every child in the class. Our pedagogy is a brilliant example of theme based and integrated learning. We encourage children to acquire learning while experiencing it. We facilitate their learning experiences and help them to become responsible global citizens.

What extra is done at Suncity that makes it a cut above the rest?

Based on the educational approach shared above, we stress a lot on Sanskaars which are getting diluting in today’s world. We cater to differentiated levels of learning and respect the pace of each child to blossom. We believe in maintaining transparency to develop a healthy and trustworthy bond with our stakeholders.

We are easily approachable, the contact details of the class educators are shared with the parents. They can reach out to the educators on weekdays between 5 to 7 p.m. to discuss their concerns, if any.

What is your approach to parent participation in learning?

We believe in working with parents as partners in the growth and development of our learners. Our belief is that education is a three way process and parent, community and school are equal contributors to the holistic development of every child. We are open to suggestions and encourage parent participation in the ‘Parent volunteer Program’.

What is the Home work schedule for these little ones?

It is imperative for children to practice the concepts at home too. We follow the below mentioned schedule for home assignment:
Pre nursery- Once a week on Friday
Nursery- Twice a week- Wednesday and Friday
Kindergarten- Thrice a week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday

What is your teacher to student ratio?

1: 10 for Pre Nursery
1: 12 for Nursery and Kindergarten

We have two educators in each classroom along with a support staff in order to cater to individual attention for our young learners.

How do you help children who are not toilet trained?

We encourage the parents to send such children in diapers. Disposable Diapers and an extra change of clothing, are also required to be sent. Our female support staff take care of diaper changing with very young children. Parents are also advised about toilet training at home.

What type of food do you serve and how many meal breaks are given during the day? Are meals mandatory?

Children are encouraged to eat variety of food and develop good eating habits, from a very early age. We serve healthy, multi cuisine, vegetarian, and child friendly food. The monthly Menu is circulated, in advance, to all parents. Meals are cooked with freshly procured ingredients, on a daily basis. Meal and table etiquettes are pondered well.

Meals are mandatory till Grade KG. Thereafter, it becomes optional.

How will you ensure that my child understands the instructions, if he/she can converse only in his/her mother tongue?

We give utmost priority to the comfort of the child. We impart learning using bi-lingual approach, using Hindi and English both. Gradually we encourage the child and parents both to interact in English at home and School as well.

How is your support staff recruited and trained?

Our Support Staff is hired by us, through an out sourced agency. They are adequately verified and all details are with the school and the Local Police station. They are constantly trained by the medical staff of school.

How often do you communicate with the parents and how?

Parents may reach out to us whenever they feel the need through an email or take an appointment for the working Saturdays of the month (first and third Saturday). The class educator can be contacted from 5 pm to 7pm on week days. Group communication is sent out by uploading information on our portal, ‘Campus Care whereas individual communication is mentioned in the student diary. We conduct PTMs after every quarter to discuss the development of children and remedial measures if required.

What facilities will be provided in the school?

Following are some of the facilities at Suncity School Sector 37 D campus:

  • Air conditioned ergonomically planned classrooms and aesthetically planned greens.
  • Splash pool with pop-up fountains
  • Indoor Gymnasium
  • Large Multipurpose hall housing 6 Badminton courts.
  • Skating Rink
  • Imaginarium
  • Music and Dance Room
  • Montessori Lab
  • TAB Kids Room
  • EYP Play Area
  • Pottery Room
  • Trained Counsellor for guidance and counselling
  • Effective teacher student ratio

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