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Pentagrid Security


Evoschool is an always-on child security, location tracking and communication platform creating a link among all the stakeholders - the school, its teachers, students and their parents. Evoschool monitors the child for his/her safety, security and well – being from the moment he/she leaves for school till the time he/she reaches home. Evoschool also provides information regarding In-vehicle location, key features of which are –

  • GPS tracking for school vehicles.
  • Tracking of individual students within the buses with information about their boarding & disembarking.
  • Mobile app for parents to view the school bus in real time when on trip.
  • Configurable notifications to school administrators and parents about bus routes, delays and other information.

The Evotag system monitors the location of students on campus for their complete safety and security, which can be seen by parents on their smart phones after downloading the desired APP. Suncity School is the first school to provide this security facility to its students.