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Admissions open for academic session April 2024-25 from EYP 1 to Grade XII

Age Eligibility criteria Elementary Years Programme(junior)-1 Equivalent to Nursery: 3 yrs as on 31st March 2024
Elementary Years Programme(junior)-2 Equivalent to KG/LKG: 4 yrs as on 31st March 2024
Elementary Years Programme(junior)-3 Equivalent to PREP/UKG: 5 yrs as on 31st March 2024
No. of vacancies: Nursery: 40 seats
KG/LKG : 60 seats
* PREP/UKG, I and II: Against vacancies

Filling of Admission form:

Sibling and Staff applications (Online filling of admission form). Thursday , 3rd August 2023 to Thursday, 10th August 2023 Online-www.suncityschool-37d.com
Non Sibling applications (Online filling of admission form). Thursday, 10th August 2023 to Friday, 10th September 2023 Online-www.suncityschool-37d.com


Parents will get an acknowledgement email within 24 hours of filling the form online. The mail will share the date for an Online Interaction for Curriculum Desk with the EYP Team. The parents need to mandatorily attend the online curriculum desk for the form to be short listed.

Admission in Pre-Nursery and Nursery will be granted on the basis of the following point system.


Criteria Specification Range of points
1.Neighbourhood 0 – 2 km 10
  2 km – 5 km 8
  5 km – 10 km 5
  10 km – 15 km 3
  15 Km and above 1
2.Sibling   20
4.Girl child   05
5.Miscellaneous   05
Total points   40


Result Declaration:

  • Short listed parents will receive an email from the school.
  • Mother’s and Father’s questionnaire to be filled individually in the school premises after the admission is granted.
  • Registration alone does not guarantee admission.
  • *Admission is subject to availability of seat.