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All classrooms at Suncity School are ergonomic in design – modern in look and feel, and also allow optimum natural light to filter in through large windows, creating a pleasant ambience.

Our thoughtfully designed classrooms are all equipped with the following features:

  • Aesthetically designed seating spaces (individual occupancy basis) to seat students comfortably.
  • Air conditioners with treated fresh air(TFA) to optimize hygiene.
  • Display boards with dedicated space to share information and work done by the students – for e.g. – weekly quizzes, house and club information etc.
  • Smart boards with internet connectivity, enhance teaching and learning opportunities for our students. By placing a digital learning technology, equipped with a specialized software, assistive listening devices and audio/visual capabilities in a classroom, we open up a Pandora’s box of infinite methods of teaching, learning and growing together as a unit