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Dear Team,
The annual function,verve 3.0 was a cinematic excellence that we witnessed.
Hats off to all the members of the school community for showcasing the masterpiece and especially thanking you all for making the day special for us as parents and for creating lifetime memories.

Divya and Anshul Arora
Parents of Madhavi Arora-Nur C

Dear teachers,
After the spellbound performance of suncitizens I actually am at loss of words to express my gratitude to the entire suncity family for such a great performance.
As parents we are truly touched with the every minutest detail that you have considered. From costume, to makeup, sounds, graphics, dialogues, script, creativity to name a few, we were just at awe. Trust me the graphics, lights and sound made us feel as if we were watching a grand finale event of popular tv show or award ceremony!!
No wonder the show was a great success. The efforts put in from everyone not just students but from educators to management to make every prop , every graphic that come in live is truly commendable!! We could feel the sweat behind all these.
It is a taxing effort to make children perform with perfection, but you have ensured 100% participation with ease!! Hats off to you and all the efforts that you have put in.
Another aspect was YouTube live! Your decision to leverage technology has enabled so many friends and relatives specifically grandparents to watch this show! In their words, they were mesmerised by each and every performance.
We are feeling blessed with our association with you and expect our child Anaika to scale greater heights under your able guidance.


Hello Preeti Mam,
I will start with a big thank you to encourage and give us the confidence to participate in the annual event.
As it is so nice of you to support us at every time whenever we need. Give free space and flexibility in consideration of taking care Kridha.
And it was a wonderful experience to be the part of such a well coordinated event and we regret if we were not the part of this event.
Again I would like to thank you and Bhawana Mam to support us and show confidence in us.

Thanks & Regards
Aman & Divya Nassa

A very good morning to you.
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding annual day event that took yesterday. It was truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience for all involved.
From the moment we stepped into the school premises, it was evident that an immense amount of effort and dedication had gone into planning and executing the event. The decorations were enchanting, the performances were mesmerizing, and every aspect of the event was meticulously organized.
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the entire staff at Suncity School for their hard work and commitment in making the annual day a grand success. The passion and enthusiasm exhibited by the teachers, administrators, and support staff were truly commendable. The special care that was extended to special children for their health issues is truely commendable.
Furthermore, I would like to applaud the students for their outstanding performances. It was evident that they had put in a lot of effort and dedication to showcase their talents on stage. Their performances were not only entertaining but also inspiring, reflecting the nurturing environment provided by the school.
It was a joyous occasion filled with laughter, creativity, and a sense of community spirit.
Once again, thank you to everyone involved in organizing this memorable event. Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed and are deeply appreciated by the entire school community.
It truely was a jaw dropping experience that I could not stop writing an email to express all this.
Looking forward to many more successful events in the future.

Thanks & Regards
Aman & Divya Nassa

Dear Ms Bhawna and Ms Smriti,
We hope this email finds you well. We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support and guidance you provided to our daughter, Vienna Shukla Nur-A, during the recent Show and Tell activity on August 15th.
We couldn't be happier with the tremendous improvement we saw in our daughter's performance compared to the previous Show and Tell. It's evident that your dedication, patience, and encouragement have made a world of difference. The way you described her confidence, expression, and overall presentation filled us with pride, and we believe it's a direct result of your wonderful teaching.
Your commitment to helping each student shine is truly remarkable. Seeing our daughter so excited to share her thoughts and stories with us when she came back from school was indeed a wonderful moment for us as parents. Your nurturing environment and the way you foster a love for learning in the students are truly commendable.
Thank you for going above and beyond to make a positive impact on our daughter's education journey. Your dedication is truly inspiring, and we're grateful to have teachers like you who genuinely care about their students' growth and well-being.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are truly fortunate to have you as our daughter's teachers.

Warm Regards,
Sanjana and Vaibhav
p/o Parents of Vienna Shukla Nur A

This is my fourth year with Suncity School 37-d as a parent,my journey have been outstanding and experience has been superb when it come to my kids grooming every single day .I see a better person/child coming back from school each day with the bundle of knowledge and curiosity to know many new things .My children have made me proud by their constant and good performance and the credit goes to the school and the one who is running the whole show to the Principal (Ms Guneet Ohri) and the excellent teachers who are nurturing these little flowers and the school adminstration for managing school so well.I would like to thank all the teachers of the school who have been taking excellent care of our children since day one.Once again i would like to thank the teachers of the school who give opportunities to children to groom, like to my child (Neecika Dua) for performing and giving her best on each and every ground of achievement like her latest performance on Hindi Diwas (Thankyou Anu ma'am and Rekha ma'am) for believing in her and teaching her so well that she could give her best. A big thanks to Jayshree ma'am for always being so supportive.Thanks to the class teacher-Kanishka ma'am (2D) Praveena ma'am (4A) Subject teachers -Anu ma'am,Barnali ma'am, Shruti ma'am, Vaishali ma'am ,and to each and every teacher of (Music,P.E, swimming,dance, gymnastics, Library,self defence, robotics,Art, basketball) who are doing excellent work when it comes to extending their own knowledge to our little ones in such a beautiful manner. Thankyou school for your great efforts and making us happy and proud parents.

Bhawana Dua (Mother)
Neecika Dua -4A
Devashish Dua - 2D

I am Kiran Grover mother of Kunsh Grover 4th C.I would like to convey my heartfelt thankyou to you and school ensuring my child recovery during stressful covid times. He was feeling anxious while he was hospitalised due to his examination and we wouldn’t have been managed to contol him without your kind intervention. The doctors were able to manage his anxiety post you spoken and managed to make him calm.I am very thank full to Rekha ma'am your immediate response despite of outside calling hrs is much appreciated. Thank you Guneet Ma'am for having such a good teachers in your school.

Wish for the continued support from the school management and teachers."
Regards Kiran Grover(Mother)

Shrinika is always ready to do activity based class and leap activity session is an add on advantage for her. She is enjoying this class as well as learning new things.

Babita Tripathi
Parent of Shrinika Pandey
Pre nursery

I wanted to provide some feedback for the leap activities that you have been doing. Kavya really likes these activities and is extremely engaged as you might have noticed. We believe it is helping her build new skills and are playing an important role in her growth. Thanks for all your investment and efforts.

Parent of Kavya
Pre nursery

I would like to appreciate the efforts of Neha maam. The classes are conducted in a very nice way.

Talking about the LEAP sessions I would like to say that Vihaan enjoys the sessions. Worksheets covered are very good. It covers different aspects of all round development.

Nisha Lakhani
Parent of Vihaan Lakhani

My Child, a student of KG A really enjoyed LEAP sessions. It enhanced his creativity and the sessions were very interactive. Looking forward to more such interesting sessions for overall development.

Pooja Verma
Parent of Kanav

Agastya really looks forward to taking his leap sessions. He enjoys the activities and loves solving the puzzles. We also appreciate these sessions and the content of the Leap classes, it enhances the creative and analytical thinking of our child.

Thank you
Punita Rawat
Parent of Agastya Rawat

Leap sessions tests and give opportunity to kids develop mental growth.. Activities are really good for their growth.. Good approach by you mam.. Would recommend on weekly basis to happen may be in form of home work

Neha Kansal
Parent of Mahiraa Kansal

For leap session: the positive impact is one on one with teacher. Concept, Instructions are easy to understand in that setting.

Though I feel there should be extended activity also after the session which kid needs to do. The frequency can also be increased.

Vaishali Mehra
Parent of Avichal Mehra

LEAP sessions are very interactive and very helpful in boosting the confidence and enhancing the critical thinking skills of children. She looks forward to these sessions and really enjoyed the sessions conducted so far. Thank you ma'am for all your patience in handling the kids so well.

Neha & Param
Parents of Harnoor Kaur Parmar

The LEAP sessions that the school is conducting are a really nice initiative and gives the kids a chance to connect with each other one to one which is not possible during regular virtual classes. Also the activities undertaken in these sessions are attention intensive so its good that these sessions are conducted with just two kids at once.

Keep up the good work.

Neha & Pushkar Matta
Parents of Yuvansh Matta

We are finding this LEAP program extremely engaged which not only helps in building kid’s mental ability but also ensures greater visualisation as well as enhanced thought process. Your ability to introduce, encourage and engaging the kids during session is commendable. Well done ‘SUNCITY’ and Kanika Ma’am for introducing this program to our kids. Really appreciate.

Richa & Nitin Bansal
Parents of Avyukt Bansal

I am satisfied and happy with the effort you are taking in LEAP Sessions to interact with Panav and make him comfortable and to learn new things. Thanks for your cooperation.

Neetu & Rajatabh Bathla
Parents of Panav Bathla

Feedback of Ms Tanya Malhotra, mother of Angad Malhotra (Nursery A) is attached as a video in the mail.

Respected Ma'am,
This is an appreciation note for the effort and labor, Shivali ma'am and the school as a whole has put in for arranging wonderful parent assembly. It was an awesome, well organised and coordinated event. The skit "strength is within" was very inspirational. The kids were wonderful, vibrant and charismatic.
Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Shivali ma'am for the quality of education and care she provides each and every day. I really appreciate her hard work.

Student - Anggad Malhotra

Respected Ma'am,

This is an appreciation note for the effort and labor, Shivali ma'am and the school as a whole has put in for arranging wonderful parent assembly. It was an awesome, well organised and coordinated event. The skit "strength is within" was very inspirational. The kids were wonderful, vibrant and charismatic.
Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Shivali ma'am for the quality of education and care she provides each and every day. I really appreciate her hard work.

Thanks & Regards
Bharat Madan
Parent of Devarsh Madan (KG A)

Dear Gunjan Ma'am,

Thank you for taking care of Vanhya and helping her learn in the crucial part of her growing years.
She has developed a good connect with you and happily shares with us the learnings from school.
We know that she is in safe hands and we would like to thank you for that.

Best Regards,