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Learning Lab

Suncity is synonymous with e-learning. Technology touches every academic programme at Suncity School. The classes and labs are equipped with the following:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Class Room Hi-end Communication Server
  • Television & Digitally Controlled Audio System
  • Interactive labs for students equipped with smart boards and digital projectors.

In a Flipped classroom environment, we reverse the traditional form of teaching-learning and first expose the students to new material outside the traditional confines of the class, usually via E - reading material or lecture videos. Class time is used to do the more challenging work of assimilating that knowledge through strategies such as problem solving, discussion or debates. The humanizing vision and creativity of a teacher supplemented by the use of technology enables the child to step beyond a traditional classroom experience, push the boundaries of knowledge and greatly enrich his/her learning experience.

We believe in Anytime, Anywhere Learning.