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The eagerly awaited author's session at Suncity School 37D witnessed a captivating blend of
Indian mythology and mesmerizing superheroes. Young author Harsheath Chauhan unveiled hisdebut novel, "Kaliyuga," a seamless fusion of ancient legends and futuristic wonders. The event left an indelible mark, igniting imaginations to explore new realms of creativity, much like the enthralling tapestry woven within "Kaliyuga." The audience listened to him with wrapt attention as he took them through is journey, his motivation, and the promise of sequels to his first book.Harsheath's inspiring advice to aspiring writers: Embrace multidisciplinary storytelling, take an active interest in all subjects, nurture individuality, and maintain a daily journal for creative expression. He urged students to hold on to school routines and exercise discipline, paving the path to success in their future endeavors.With thoughtfulness, he left a lasting impression, offering over 100 signed copies of his debut
work, leaving everyone fascinated by its mystical allure. The Principal Ms Guneet Ohri
congratulated the author and encouraged the children to take a leaf from his journey and
embark upon theirs. She also congratulated him on his amazing feat.