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76 years of India's Independence

76 years of India’s Independence 
The spirit of patriotism and unity reverberated through the premises of Suncity School 37D, Gurgaon, as the school celebrated the 76th Independence Day of India with great enthusiasm and pride. The event showcased a remarkable blend of dances, dramas, songs and speeches, emphasizing the importance of our nation's freedom struggle, our rich culture and heritage, and how much our nation has grown. The event was graced by none other than Major General Bipin Bakshi as our revered Chief Guest, Mr. Krishna Kumar Gaur Vice president of Blue Nudge- our Guest of Honour , members of the management Ms Nandini Singh, Ms Varsha Johrar, Mr Rohit Dalal, , and Principal Ma’am Ms Guneet Ohri.
The celebration commenced with our esteemed Chief Guest, Major General Bipin Bakshi hoisting our national flag, a moment that filled everyone's heart with pride and respect for the tricolour. Gen Bakshi then inaugurated ‘Abhivyakti 2.0, the Art exhibition that showcased the various folk art forms of India right from Pichwai, thangka, Bhil, Godhna ,Gond and many more.
This was followed by the lighting of the lamp, and some insightful words of inspiration were shared by our principal, Ms. Guneet Ohri.
The program progressed with the launch of the school's anthem, a composition that encapsulates the school's values, vision, and commitment to fostering responsible citizens penned by the school's revered Principal, Ms. Guneet Ohri and composed with help of the music department and middle and high school students. It explained the values of strength, respect, kindness, honesty and how these values can help us to make a better tomorrow. 
Major General Bipin Bakshi in his speech asked the students, a wonderful question: "Why does the flag flutter?" According to him, it flutters due to both the wind and the dying soldiers' final breaths. He also stressed upon the importance of attitude, courage, and determination in achieving one's goals.
The celebration came to a close with the display of live art where the students sketched the portraits of the 14 Prime Ministers and instilled a renewed sense of patriotism and pride among all. The event beautifully captured the essence of India's Independence Day, honouring the past, celebrating the present, and looking forward to a brighter future.