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Bodily Kinesthetic Event 2023

Bodily Kinesthetic Event 2023
On this National Sports Day, Elementary years’ students celebrated the #Bodily Kinesthetic Event 2023 with great fun, vigor and enthusiasm. Bodily kinesthetic intelligence is most widely used in everyday routine, from the time we wake upto every single time we move. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen this intelligence through various activities to enhance sensory-motor development and cognition.
The tiny tots of EYP participated in this event wherein each class performed a class specific drill such as:
·       Plank relay with bean bags
·       Passing the ball
·       Chain with Hula hoops
·       Pipe drill
·       Parachute drill
·       Rolling and passing the ball
The school gymnasium and the Multi-Purpose Hall  was filled with the sounds of children cheering, hooting and motivating their friends.
May the passion for sport continue to shine as a beacon of dedication and perseverance.