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enlightening experience

Broadening   horizons and gaining  valuable insights from a diverse range of perspectives. 
Grade 11 science students had an enlightening experience during a symposium and lab visit focused on the future of the health care industry at Boston Scientific. They had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Dhiraj Mahajan, a professor from IIT Ropar, who showcased how advancements in mechanical engineering can contribute to the development of cutting-edge health care apparatus. Additionally, Ms. Madhushree Raina from Boston Scientific shared valuable insights on the manufacturing process of various apparatus, highlighting the rigorous clinical testing they undergo. The students thoroughly enjoyed the educational lab visit, making it the perfect addition to their enriching experience. Following the lab visit, the Grade 11 science students had an opportunity to engage in a networking session with professionals and students from esteemed colleges. During this session, they were able to connect and interact with individuals who are established in their respective fields. By networking with these individuals, the students were able to expand their understanding of the health care industry and potentially explore future opportunities within this field.