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GSP series

"Navigating the digital world, one connection at a time!"
In yet another session of the GSP series, a session for Grade 10 was led by Mr. Akash Shastri, our IT Administrator. It was a hands-on exploration of crucial topics that made learning tangible and accessible.
Our students had the unique opportunity to dive into the world of networking by getting up close and personal with real networking devices. Complex concepts were demystified, and understanding soared.
Beyond the classroom, Mr. Akash ignited their passion for tech careers, revealing the vast possibilities in the said field. The session was more than just education; it was a glimpse into future opportunities. The interactive nature of the session brought students together, fostering active participation, collaboration, and a dynamic learning environment.
In a nutshell, this session was an absolute hit, equipping our students with practical insights, igniting their tech career aspirations, and fueling their active engagement in their learning journey.