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Mélange 3.0, the annual inter-school fest at Suncity School 37D

“Learning through the arts reinforces critical academic skills in reading, language arts and math, and provides students with the skills to creatively solve problems.” – Michelle Obama
Mélange 3.0, the annual inter-school fest at Suncity School 37D, kicked off on October 27th with a flurry of activities focusing on the multiple intelligences integrated with the language arts. Participants eagerly registered for their chosen events, setting the stage for a day of artistic and literary exploration. 
The inauguration was a grand affair, commencing with the lighting of the traditional lamp and the Shanti Shloka by the school choir. The esteemed guest of honor, acclaimed author and poet, Dr. Ved Mitra Shukla, emphasized the significance of gatherings like Mélange and provided counsel to the students. He encouraged them to actively seek knowledge and urged them to break out of their passive roles.
Following this, our principal, Ms. Guneet Ohri, addressed the audience extending a warm welcome to all, expressing gratitude for their presence. Ms. Ohri highlighted the unique strengths and talents possessed by each individual, underscoring the pivotal role of language as a platform for expressing emotions in a diverse array of events. 
Additionally, she expressed her gratitude towards our distinguished panel of judges, comprising Ms. Hina Madaan, Ms. Deepshika Srivastava, Ms. Priyanka Balhara, Mr. Ashmeet Singh, Ms. Geeta Devi, and Ms. Harpreet Bhatia.
A highly anticipated moment was the unveiling of the Mélange teaser, offering attendees a tantalizing glimpse into the creative journey that awaited. With the teaser presentation, Ms. Guneet Ohri officially declared Mélange 3.0 open, ushering in a day of artistic expressions, literary endeavors, and cultural celebrations, all set to leave a lasting impact on the school and its community, celebrating the beauty of linguistic diversity and the richness of human expression.
Day 2 of Mélange began with welcoming the Chief Guest, Ms. Manna Bahadur, author and erstwhile Doordarshan presenter who had also made her mark in the All India Radio. Five more exhilarating events were hosted, making the fest more invigorating. The highlight of the day was a panel discussion featuring renowned figures from the literary world. The panel discussion featured luminaries such as Kevin Missal, a celebrated author; Ms. Chander Suta Dogra, an accomplished author and journalist; Ms. Reena Puri, a notable contributor to Amar Chitra Katha. To steer this thought-provoking discussion, we had the privilege of having Ms. Krithika Nair, an esteemed editor and publisher, as the moderator.
The final day of Mélange 3.0 was graced by the presence of two members of the school management, Ms. Nandini Singh and Ms. Varsha Jhorar. Following the enlightening panel discussion, the event concluded with an award ceremony, where the deserving victors were honored. The prestigious rolling trophy was clinched by the talented and enthusiastic team from DPS Sector 45, marking a fitting conclusion to an event that had celebrated the beauty of literature, art, and intellectual discourse. 
We would like to thank, our knowledge partner- Amar Chitra Katha, our title  sponsor- Kunzum Books, our co-sponsors- Maker Shala, Safe Xtra and Scholarsmerit, for making our two-day literary extravaganza successful.