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Tech Talk

Had an amazing session with Mr. André Melancia, a dynamic Developer/DBA/Microsoft Certified Trainer hailing from Lisbon, Portugal! This insightful experience was orchestrated by our IT teachers, Ms. Bhoomika Anand and Ms. Manju Chhillar, for Grade 10 & 11 IT, CS, and IP students.
It was a knowledge-packed journey exploring the intersections of technology! André shared insights into various languages and platforms, and we delved into the practical applications of DBMS, data mapping, and the dynamic duo of AI and databases. The cherry on top? A fascinating look into query optimization, machine learning, and the use of ChatGPT in chatbot creation.
The session concluded with an engaging Q&A round, where we discussed career opportunities in this dynamic field. Big thanks to André for making this tech talk a memorable learning experience!