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Historical Significance

On November 4, 2023, the students of Suncity School 37D undertook an educational sojourn to the village of Mehandipur in Jhajjar district of Haryana. Situated in Bahadurgarh tehsil, India, Mehandipur is adorned with a historical significance, as evidenced by its 1000-year-old pond, locally known as Johad, utilized diligently by villagers for the ablution of their livestock. The inherent value of buffaloes in rural life is equated to gold, with each providing 10-11 litres of milk, a precious commodity in this self-sufficient village where women are gainfully employed.
Progressing through the village's historical tapestry, the students paid homage to the venerable Dada Bhaiya Temple, where a century-old banyan tree graces the sacred grounds. The village's commitment to preserving Haryana's traditions was evident in the presence of an Akhada, a wrestling ring, reflecting the cultural importance of this sport.
As the students delved into the village's flora, they encountered indigenous trees like desi-kikar and jaal, as well as Lehswa Trees, whose fruits contribute to the local diet. The landscape was adorned with abundant neem trees, known for their medicinal leaves, enhancing the natural tapestry. The village's scenic beauty was further enriched by man-made ponds, acting as sanctuaries for migrating Siberian birds and adorned with water lilies and other micro-organisms. Notably, this picturesque artificial forest, initiated by Mr. Dalal a decade ago, stands as a testament to his commitment to enhancing the ecological diversity of the village.
Continuing their journey, the students along with the teacher representatives visited Sajkeey Madhymik Vidyalaya, and were greeted warmly by local students who showcased vibrant performances and eloquent shayaris. DGP Ranjeev Sir and his decorated Navy Brigadier brother bestowed encouraging words upon the visitors, culminating in an interaction between Suncity students and the local football team, fostering mutual learning.
The experiential field trip reached its zenith at the grand haveli, an ancestral estate dating back to the 19th century, originally built by the great-grandfather of the hosts. Over the years, through the generosity of Mr. Dalal, the haveli has metamorphosed into a multifaceted institution—a library, radio broadcasting studio, and stitching school for women. DGP Ranjeev Dalal's altruism extended to gifting the haveli to the public, promoting women's empowerment through free certified courses, handicraft collaboration with elderly women, and the provision of electricity via solar panels for one hour daily.
The haveli's significance transcends its role as a library, incorporating elements of vocational training and production. This cultural hub, with its intricate architecture and modern amenities, stands as a beacon of women's empowerment and community development. The trip concluded with Hindi song recitations, providing a harmonious finale to this enlightening expedition.