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"In the orchestra of education, parents are the conductors guiding their child's melody. Let's harmonize our efforts to create a symphony of success."
The Annual Parents’ Orientation, ‘SANKALP - 6.0’ was hosted on Thursday, 22nd  March by Suncity, Sector 37D, with a firm commitment to providing an exceptional experience for students and parents joining the Suncity family. The session commenced with a spirited invocation followed by Director, Ms. Guneet Ohri’s welcome address. Ms. Ohri took the parents through the inroads of Suncity Classrooms, the school culture and ethos. Principal Ms. Jayshree Patel emphasized the school's role in fostering a positive learning environment, and the importance of skills and values within the school framework.
Following a brief refreshment break, parents and their wards were guided to various venues for a comprehensive overview of the functioning of EYP, PYP, MYP, and Senior school. Parents of EYP students participated in stimulating Multiple Intelligence activities at different Learning Stations, aimed at the holistic development of young learners through Toy pedagogy.
Academic Coordinator Ms. Jayshree Venkatesh shared insights into pedagogical approaches,  student achievements, assessment patterns etc. for Grades I to V. Parents of Grades VI to XI were briefed on the school programs,curriculum and operations of senior classes by Director Mrs. Guneet, with closing remarks from Vice-Principal Ms. Harvinder Kaur, who emphasized the crucial role of collaboration between parents and educators in supporting children's development and success.
The Art Exhibition added to the fervour with a splendid display of students’ work which were more of masterpieces. Children's artwork was a proof of beautiful expressions of their creativity and imagination. The exhibition was a celebration of the innocence, creativity, and beauty found in the artwork of children, reminding us of the importance of nurturing and valuing their artistic expressions.