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Education Through Monuments at Gurgaon History Festival

"Education through monuments is not merely about learning history; it's about unlocking the timeless stories etched in stone, connecting us to our roots, and inspiring us to shape a better future."

The Suncitizens of Grade V to VIII brought History alive in the Gurgaon History Festival held at DPS Sector 45, Gurgaon, a remarkable initiative aimed at fostering cultural awareness and historical appreciation among students. The festival was spread over two days and had a number of schools and students participating and collaborating hand in hand to make the event successful. 

CBSE’s flagship project of ‘Education Through Monuments’ was a great learning opportunity that provided students a chance to absorb various academic concepts through practical experience keeping the historical monument as the base. 
Our students explored the different aspects of The Chittorgarh Fort and The Golden Temple- the two focal monuments, through hands-on activities such as sketching ancient artifacts, participating in experiments, and viewing these monuments from various subject-specific angles. This resulted in the insightful integration of science, math and engineering principles with historical monument. 
Meticulously utilizing available resources and mindful of sustainability, students crafted representations of their learning. The presentation was a sophisticated amalgamation of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, sustainable development goals, and 21st- century learning skills—communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 
It was certainly a wonderful experience for our students and teachers and we look forward to future editions of the festival.