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Fable Festival

“The whole world opened up to me when I learned to read
                                                                                     - Mary McCleod Bethune
Suncity School 37-D conducted its Annual Reading Programme, ‘Fable Festival’, specially designed for Grade I and II learners. Students were given the opportunity to enhance their reading skills through stories shared by educators. The ‘Fable Festival’, which commenced on 22nd April, spanned almost for an entire month, aiming to cultivate a lifelong love of reading in our little learners.

The Fable Fervor peaked as our young Suncitizens transformed into their beloved characters, adorned in vibrant costumes, and took center stage to deliver heartfelt presentations for the culminating event known as ‘Fable Fervor’. Each child eloquently conveyed how their chosen character inspired them and imparted invaluable lessons. From queens and angels to vehicles and animals, the children embodied a diverse array of personas, bringing the stories vividly to life. 

This celebration of stories not only enhanced their comprehension and vocabulary but also fostered creativity and critical thinking in our tiny tots.